There are four payment options available at ART 4 AGES.

The most popular, convenient (and economical) option is the 10 session pass. Students who have purchased this pass have shown incredible growth and improvement in their art. 

Option 1: Casual

Pay as you go. Good option for infrequent visits, if you are about to travel and just want one or two classes or have a friend visiting who would like to come along too!

Toddlers: $12 | Kids: $18 | Teens: $20 | Adults: $21 |

Option 2: 5 Session Pass

5 Classes. Great for first timers- if you are just starting. Beginner artists like to start on this card and work their way towards Option 3. Pass valid for 6 months.

Toddlers: $50 | Kids: $85 | Teens: $95 | Adults: $100 |

Option 3: 10 Session Pass

Most popular pass due to its great value. Perfect for anyone who loves art. Available to ALL complete newcomers, beginners and advanced artists. Pass valid for 12 months.

Toddlers: $80 | Kids: $150 | Teens: $170 | Adults: $180 |

Option 4: Unlimited Monthly Pass

Here it is! Our new Unlimited Monthly Pass for peachy keen artists who would like to come to classes 2 or more times a week! Limited to ONE per person.

Toddlers: n/a | Kids: $90 | Teens: $100 | Adults: $105 | 

How To Pay


Head to our online store to purchase a Pass or Class now then collect your pass in person when you go into the studio for your first class. *Fees apply.

In Person

We accept Credit Card/Mastercard/Visa at the studio. *Fees apply.

Cash payments accepted (AUS $ only, fees do not apply)

Online Banking

Ask for our studio banking details to make a direct transfer from your bank account at your own convenience. No fees apply.

Our Passes are just like Coffee Loyalty Cards, once you have one, you use it until it finishes then you get a new one! They are valid for 6/12 months after purchase.