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How do the classes work?


We highly value Process over Product. But what does that really mean? In a world of mass production, often we forget how much hard work goes into the journey of seeing a project through from start to finish. Valuing Process means that we create meaningful experiences, that students will face challenges, make mistakes and grow from them. 

Our classes run during the school term (usually 10 weeks), each term we focus on a different area of art, e.g. drawing skills, painting techniques, art theory, art history and clay/ ceramics/ sculpting. Each term students work towards completing one or two art pieces by learning skills, techniques and concepts each week.  

Example of a Van Gogh Painting Unit:

Week 1. Introduction. Colour Theory: Using cool/warm colours & using tints and shades. 

2. Creating Movement in Paintings: Using short and long paint strokes. 

3. Drawing Landscapes: How to draw trees, mountains and buildings like Van Gogh. 

4. Begin Drawing & painting Van Gogh's Starry Night. Step by step instruction.



In the Teen class, students are supported in their individual pursuits in art. With our wide variety of resources, students can explore and experiment to expand their understandings of art; at any one time we have teenagers drawing, painting and sculpting at the studio under the guidance of our teachers. We also encourage students to bring in their school art assignments, homework or outside projects to complete at the studio. 

For many students, time at the studio is spent not only creating art but making connections, having safe social interactions with peers, explore emotions, improve self-esteem and create a general sense of relief from stress and struggles.


In the adult class, each adult individually works on their own art piece at their own pace under the guidance and advice of our teachers. You can spend one lesson to 10 lessons working on one artwork, its all up to you! In any of the adult classes you can work on drawing, watercolours, oil paint, charcoal, acrylics or ceramics. If you are completely new to art, we will help you with everything you need to know. The hardest part is getting to the door! 

What do i bring?

Children/Teens: Please wear OLD clothes to art class- we get messy and school uniforms really don't like paint. We do have art shirts on hand at the studio, but it is best to byo messy wear. Drink bottles are a must (especially during summer!). ALL other materials are supplied at the studio, including workbooks, pencils, paints, brushes, clay etc.

Adults: Please bring a canvas or drawing pad to work on (see below for places to go to get these). All other materials will be supplied for you at the studio. Wine and coffee are always welcome too! 

Art Materials: 



(Parents) Do i stay?

In our experience, allowing your child the expressive freedom to create in a safe environment under the guidance of our teaching team is the best gift you can give. Like school, parents do not remain in the room.

If your child has high anxiety, we encourage you to come 5 minutes before the class begins to familiarise with the room and surroundings. Once there is a pencil in their hand and the class begins, you will find it will be hard to get them to go home at the end of the lesson! Please let us know in the enrolment form if you have any concerns so that we can pay special attention to ensure your child is safe and comfortable during their lesson.

Do i come weekly?

For the best results, we encourage you to come in regularly (most of our students attend once a week). In the kids classes we develop units that run weekly (imagine our structure like you would make a cake. Each week we add an ingredient into the bowl and by the end of the process you have a cake!). By the end of the term, children have participated in enough process to create an artwork to take home. 

If you absolutely can not attend weekly, we absolutely allow fortnightly or casual visits (we just remind you that artwork produced will not be at the same standard of the regular attending students). Alternatively, you can come on different days during the week, e.g. alternating between Mondays and Tuesdays is fine, just let us know so we expect you! 

how much are classes?

Please see our Fees page. We have many flexible options on offer.